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Sweet Potato Fries* Homemade sweet potato fries dusted with chaat masala.


Lamb Burger Sliders Two juicy spiced lamb patties served on mini buns; served with sweet potato fries


Masala Art Corn on the Cob* (New!) Gluten Free! Open flame grilled corn on the cob smeared with our tangy blend of homemade spices


Mango Chicken Satay (New!) Gluten Free! Flat white meat chicken marinated in raw mange and spices grilled on skewers 8.


Chicken Tikka Satay (New!) Gluten Free! White meat chicken marinated in yogurt and spices grilled on skewers; served with mint and tamarind chutneys


Paneer Malai Seekh Kebab* (New!) Gluten Free! Minced homemade cheese and seasoned corn kernels skewered and grilled over a charcoal flame.


Tandoori Chicken Wings Gluten Free! Juicy char-grilled chicken wings marinated in yogurt and our homemade blend of spices.



Chicken Kali Mirch* (New!) Gluten Free! Sautéed white meat chicken marinated in yogurt simmered in a light sauce with whole peppercorns.



Kaathi Rolls (New!) Handmade thin whole wheat bread wrapped around your choice of spiced homemade cheese*, grilled Chicken Tikka, or Lamb Shaami Kebab with sautéed onions and green peppers.


Chicken Tikka Lettuce Wraps (New!) Gluten Free! Sliced tandoori grilled Chicken Tikka, carrots, cucumber strips, rice puffs, and lettuce leaves, served with three delicious homemade sauces -Tamarind, Mint and Sweet Red Chili.





Tomato Basil Soup* Gluten Free! A zippy blend of tomatoes, cumin, ginger and garlic.


Chicken Soup Mildly spiced homemade chicken soup.


Vegetable Samosa* Handmade turnovers stuffed with seasoned potatoes and green peas.


Lamb Samosa Handmade turnovers stuffed with spiced ground lamb.


Spinach & Onion Pakora* Crispy fritters fried in chickpea batter.


Beet Root-Paneer Tikki (New!) Beet root, spiced homemade cheese and potato patties.


Cheese Pakora* Batter-fried homemade cheese fritters.


Tandoor Chicken or Paneer Taco Mini taco shells filled with spicy minced tandoori chicken or homemade cheese..


Vegetarian Platter Vegetable Samosa, Spinach & Onion Pakora, Cheese Pakora, Spinach & Cheese Roll.


Non-Vegetarian Platter Lamb Samosa, Chicken Pakora, Haddock Pakora, and Shrimp Pakora.




Vada Pao Spicy vegetarian sliders made with seasoned potato patties served on a bun.


Pao Bhaji Bombay’s favorite street snack. Potato and vegetable curry served on a bun .


Samosa Chaat Vegetable samosa topped with chickpeas, yogurt, chutneys and our homemade blend of spices .


Radga Pattis Deep-fried potato patties topped with spicy chickpeas.


Dahi Papri (New!) Lentil crackers topped with spicy potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and chutneys.


Paani Poori (New!) Crisp chickpea flour puffs filled with chickpeas, potatoes and spicy water called ‘jalijeera’.


Bhel Poori* (New!) Crispy rice puffs tossed with chopped tomatoes and lemon juice with tamarind chutney and our homemade blend of spices .


Bombay Corn Bhel* (New!) Sweet corn kernels and crispy rice puffs tossed with chopped onions, and lemon juice with tamarind chutney and our homemade blend of spices .


Grilled Chicken Salad Gluten Free! Skewered grilled Chicken Tikka Satay served over baby arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers with a splash of lemon; topped with feta cheese .






(served with basmati rice)

Lamb Rogan Josh Gluten Free! Tender pieces of lamb spiced with onions, fresh ginger, and a touch of garlic .


Lamb Curry (New!) Gluten Free! Shikha’s infamous recipe-Tender pieces of land stewed in tomato and onions with cumin coriander and red chili 17.


Boti Kebab Masala Gluten Free! Lean cubes of lamb cooked in a delightfully spiced tomato and paprika sauce .


Lamb Saag Gluten Free!Succulent pieces of lamb simmered with spinach, tomatoes and exotic spices


Lamb Pasanda (New!) Gluten Free! Tender land stewed in a silky and creamy cashew nut sauce


Lamb Vindaloo Gluten Free! Very Spicy! Juicy pieces of lamb marinated in red chilies and vinegar stewed with potatoes.





(served with basmati rice)

Lemon Fish Curry Gluten Free! Traditional Kerala style Haddock curry infused with coconut and curry leaves .


Shrimp Saag Gluten Free! Shrimp simmered with spinach, tomatoes and exotic herbs and spices .


Chettinad Fish Curry (New!) Gluten Free! A fiery concoction of haddock simmered in our blend of roasted ground spices, peppercorn and coconut .





(served with naan bread)

Tandoori Mixed Grill (New!) Gluten Free! Tandoori Chicken, Ajwaini Chicken Kebab, Hariyali Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab, Lamb Boti Kebab and Tandoori Shrimp .


Paneer Tikka* (New!) Gluten Free! Spicy grilled cubes of homemade cheese marinated in yogurt with fresh mint and coriander .


Aatish-E-Aloo (New!) Gluten Free! Grilled stuffed potato topped with Tikka Masala sauce .


Tandoori Vegetables* (New!) A medly of marinated cauliflower, potatoes, green peppers and onions flavored with fenugreek leaves and cumin grilled on skewers over a charcoal flame .


Lamb Boti Kebab Gluten Free! Delicately spiced lean squares of lamb marinated in yogurt and a touch of sour cream; grilled to perfection .


Lamb Barra Kebab Gluten Free! A long time Masala Art favorite! Tender baby lamb chops marinated for three days and tandoori grilled on skewers .


Lamb Seekh Kebab Gluten Free! Minced lamb Kebab made with fresh ground spices .


Chicken Tikka Gluten Free! White meat chicken marinated in yogurt, turmeric, and cardamom


Tandoori Chicken Gluten Free! Juicy char-grilled chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt and our homemade blend of spices .





Chapati (2 pieces per order) Whole wheat bread cooked on a “tawa” (griddle) .


Tawa Aloo Paratha* (New!) Whole wheat bread stuffed with spicced mashed potatoes .


Methi Poori* (2 pieces per order) Deep-fried whole wheat puffed bread sprinkled with dried fenugreek .


Bhatura (New!) Deep-fried bread recommended with Punjabi Chana Masala.


Tandoori Roti* Whole wheat tandoori bread; recommended with Daal Bokhara or Daal Panchmela .


Missi Roti* Flat bread made from a blend of white flour and chickpea flour with green chilies and onions; great with spinach entrées .


Plain Naan Homemade leavened baked bread with or without butter.


Garlic Naan Leavened bread with a touch of garlic and fresh cilantro.


Lachha Paratha* or Mint Paratha* Layered whole wheat buttered bread served plain or topped with dried mint .


Aloo Naan Leavened bread stuffed with seasoned potatoes.




Steamed Basmati Rice


Mango or Onion Chutney


Indian Salad Onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and lemon


Mixed Pickles


Mint Raita Homemade yogurt with fresh mint


Plain Yogurt


Papadum Roasted, sun-dried lentil wafers




Indian Iced Tea Freshly brewed spiced Indian tea served chilled


Masala Chai Tea Freshly brewed spiced Indian tea


San Pellegrino (Sparkling Water)


Acqua Panna (Still Water)


Soda Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, or Orange Soda.


Fruit Juices Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Mango or Grapefruit.
















Spinach & Cheese Rolls*

Delectable rissoles crumb-fried

Assorted Vegetable Pakoras*

Fresh marinated vegetables deep-fried in a

chickpea batter

Imli Chuntey*

Our homemade sweet & sour tamarind sauce

Pudeena Chutney*

Our homemade mint and coriander sauce with a

touch of yogurt


Badshahi Malai Kofta*

Cheese and vegetable croquettes cooked in a

light vegetable sauce

Jeera Aloo*

Diced potatoes flavored with cumin seeds

Daal Panchrattan*

A medley of five different lentils stewed to perfection

- an absolute treat for the vegetarian palate

Paneer Bhujia*

Chopped pieces of fresh homemade cheese,

delicately spiced and grilled on a skillet

with onions


Mattar Pulao*

Fragrant long-grained Basmati rice with

delicately spiced green peas


Pudina Raita*

Cool whipped yogurt with cucumbers,

tomatoes, and fresh mint


Sun-dried lentil crisps


Homemade hot pickles

Indian Salad*

Onions, green chilies, and tomatoes

Freshly Baked Breads

Rogini Naan

Homemade baked leavened bread


Badami Kheer*

Chilled homemade rice pudding flavored with

cardamom, almonds, and raisins

Gulab Jamun*

Hot cream dumplings dipped in rose water syrup

* denotes a vegetarian item



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